Proposed Project Approach

The overall approach of modernizing the rules (standards) under review is to replace rules that have issues related to clarity, consistency, or feasibility with rules mirroring those of the recently adopted Residential Neighborhood (RN) zone. The City adopted the Residential Neighborhood Zone and associated rules for the Frog Pond area in 2017 after extensive community conversation and research. The Residential Neighborhood Zone combined the best rules of the City’s then existing residential zones with rules considered the most current and effective by professionals in the field. The rules for the Residential Neighborhood Zone are Wilsonville’s most modern residential zone rules and thus provide an excellent source for updated standards in other zones in Wilsonville. Before finalizing these new standards, the City wants your comments on the Proposed Project.

Zoning Survey

The following survey will step through each proposed update to the zoning standards. The survey divides the proposed updates into 2 sections: (1) How many housing units can be built on a given amount of land, the size of individual properties or lots and related standards, and (2) The amount of parks, natural areas, and similar open spaces in neighborhoods. Each subsequent page of the survey will address a proposed update and will have the following components:

• Explanation of the issues identified within the current standard and reason for the proposed update;
• Information about the updated zoning standards “Draft Updates";
• Links for more detailed review of proposed updates;
• An opportunity to indicate the level to which you agree with the proposed updates; and
• An opportunity to provide written comments.

You can also email questions and comments about the project to the project manager Daniel Pauly, Planning Manager, at pauly@ci.wilsonville.or.us   

Following the feedback from this online survey and other comments, City staff will work with the Planning Commission to further refine the proposed updates and create a final package for review and adoption by the Planning Commission and City Council.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.