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Great start

by Jennifer , 5 months ago

I’ve been impressed with the efforts so far of the city to keep housing affordable, from the percentage of multi family rentals, to the transportation services offered. My main concerns are: 1) is there a plan for the mobile home park? If the landlord decides to sell, is the city prepared to assist these residents? 2) the town center redevelopment should have housing as part of the plan 3) please do not cave to pressure again regarding multi family development in the later Frog Pond development. What I observed was a number of loud voices from current single-family home owners, more invested in the rising equity of their own homes than young families or retirees who require options other than single family homes. City council meetings should be marketed to attract attendance from renters so their voice is also heard.

On social media, there also seems to be a lot of residents who are unsure of affordable options in Wilsonville, such as what to do when rent goes up, or how to sign up for housing vouchers. Perhaps the city could do outreach to those residents, and hold quarterly info sessions with reps and housing advocates.

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Admin Commented Team member commented Kim Rybold
Senior Planner
5 months ago
Jennifer - thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'll share a couple of quick answers to your first two questions, but feel free to contact me directly ( if you have any further questions. First, the City has a mobile home park closure ordinance, which covers the process a landowner would have to follow if either of the City's remaining mobile home parks were to close. Additionally, the Town Center Plan, adopted earlier this year, includes housing as one of the future uses.