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Starting Out

by Caitlin, 6 months ago

I never thought that I would live in Wilsonville. But here I am.

Growing up in SW Portland, Wilsonville was a small town to pass through on the way down I5. Somewhere in my childhood, Bullwinkles came to town. That’s what I knew the town for. Birthday parties and the slightly strange Fry’s (I think it was something else in the 90s?). Wilsonville was fun but not on my radar as a place to live.

Fast forward through college, the recession, and learning to budget. When it came down to purchasing a house, I wanted something with freeway access, a big yard, and affordability. Wilsonville stood out as a place where that could happen - I was pleased to discover the quality of the library, schools, and other public works!

I complain about my commute and traffic daily, but when it comes down to it, I appreciate the life I have. I don’t think I would be so happy if I had a higher mortgage. Part of Wilsonville’s charm is that it’s a great place for young families or people starting out.

I think there are ways to get creative in creating affordable housing. More apartments or mobile homes are solutions but perhaps zoning for duplexes or even a tiny home village could help broaden the range of options.

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Immigrant1 3 months ago
Tiny home village! Love that idea. Have you heard of cottage clusters too? There are all sorts of options to build attractive, small, inexpensive homes that don't feel like (and are not) massive apartment buildings
Admin Commented Team member commented Kim Rybold
Senior Planner
5 months ago
Caitlin - thank you for your insights and for sharing your story.