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  • Who was Wilsonville named for?
  • How did Charbonneau become part of Wilsonville?
  • Is there a frog pond in Frog Pond?

You get the idea! Ask your question below.

Do you have a question about Wilsonville that nobody has adequately answered for you?

If you're left wondering, others may be too. Ask us! We'll try to track down an answer. We're looking for queries, not policy questions. For example:

  • Who was Wilsonville named for?
  • How did Charbonneau become part of Wilsonville?
  • Is there a frog pond in Frog Pond?

You get the idea! Ask your question below.


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  • This question is for Wastewater Treatment - What to do about greasy, oily food residue in jars and bottles? There is a conflict brewing about recycling food containers. In order to prevent a greasy blob from forming in city pipes to the treatment plant, should citizens not wash out salad dressing, marinara jars or other containers that are greasy after use? In order to recycle these type of containers, Metro wants them washed and clean for recycling. I wash these empty containers with a dish soap that has a "strong" degreaser. I have been told I should throw away these greasy, oily containers because by washing them I am sending grease into the city pipes and to the grease blob. What is the correct answer to this Catch 22 question? Any clarification would be appreciated. Thank you for looking into this mystery.

    DagneSunrise asked 4 months ago

    Dec. 20, 2019: A great question, Dagne. Yes, you are correct that grease or oils should not be poured down sinks (or into toilets). Hot cooking oil should be placed in a metal can to cool and solidify, then placed in the garbage. As for preparing those glass containers for recycling, our in-house expert suggests substantially draining the contents into a bag or onto a paper towel to be disposed. At that point, you may safely rinse any trace amounts of residual oil or grease in the sink.

  • Are there any 55 or over communities in Wilsonville

    Rea asked 4 months ago

    Dec. 20, 2019: Yes, Rea, there are three independent living communities in Wilsonville for adults over the age of 55. Creekside Woods (7825 SW Wilsonville Rd.) and Wiedemann Park (29940 SW Brown Rd.) target renters over the age of 62, subject to eligibility; income limits do apply. Portera at the Grove (8945 SW Ash Meadows Cir.) targets people over 55, with no income limits. Additionally, the city has four assisted living communities: The Marquis, SpringRidge at Charbonneau, The Springs and Brookdale.

  • I have a concern as to how the cities crosswalks are engaged. That allow walkers to walk across at the same time cars are turning right , which requires the driver to stop until they come across. Why not allow the pedestrians to walk first 25-30 seconds, then engage the green light for cars. This would help traffic flow during peak time and make it safer for the public to cross without getting hit by cars looking left then all of a sudden there is a person right in front of you. You know that’s happen to you —

    Darius asked 6 months ago

    Oct. 28, 2019: In consideration of your suggestion, Darius, our engineers offered their perspective: 

    "We are always looking for ways to improve traffic flow and safety.  In the scenario described, keep in mind that the right turn and thru vehicle movements share the same lane and signal condition.  Because of this shared movement, allowing pedestrians to cross in advance of a green vehicle signal would require all intersection vehicle movements be at a stop condition, meaning no traffic flow while pedestrians are crossing in the advance phase.  Unfortunately, this would lead to added delay, instead of improving traffic flow during peak time.

    Another consideration is that when a vehicle is waiting to turn right at a red light, typically the driver is looking to the left at oncoming traffic, waiting for a break in traffic to turn.  When the light is green, the right turning vehicle is looking straight ahead, and better able to spot pedestrians crossing the roadway.  Allowing pedestrians to cross in advance of the green light could potentially cause a less safe condition, as the right turning driver is more likely to be looking away from the pedestrian at a red light than at a green.  Let us know if further discussion is needed."

    Keep the ideas coming! Thanks for submitting your question. 

  • What is the status of the Boeckman Road 'Dip' Bridge project?

    aaronwoo1 asked 6 months ago

    Oct. 25, 2019: According to our engineering department, a bridge alternatives study is currently underway to identify traffic impacts and construction costs associated with different bridge alignments and construction methods. This information will inform the design of the bridge before the project begins; the project is scheduled to start in early 2020.

  • With the rate at which Wilsonville is growing, why do we not have our own police department?

    Kendramcq asked 7 months ago

    Sept. 26, 2019: Even as Wilsonville has grown and evolved, our relationship with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office continues to provide a great benefit to the Wilsonville community. The partnership, which dates nearly 50 years, affords the City access to an array of law enforcement services – a K9 unit, SWAT, Dive and Marine Unit, Hostage Negotiation, among others – that are not typically available to a city of our size. The model is cost-effective, yet still provides the City with the latitude to increase staffing levels, as needed, when there is an increase in the demand for police services.   

  • Will there be a new skate park built and if so where?

    David M Adams asked 7 months ago

    Sept. 23, 2019: Actually, there are three new skate areas in Wilsonville’s future; unfortunately, we don’t have set timelines for any of them. The future Frog Pond Community Park includes plans for a skate park, as does the Town Center redevelopment. Most likely, the first new skate park to come on board is at Memorial Park. The park’s master plan includes a new skate park and bicycle pump track. The concept is likely to be fleshed out in about a year, with construction following when funds become available.  In the meantime, if you haven’t been, check out the 6,000-square-foot skate park in Villebois, at Trocadero Park.

  • What is happening with the community park along Coffee Lake Dr. Construction was supposed to start last May or June. Thanks

    Steve G asked 7 months ago

    Sept. 10, 2019: A robust building season and a tight labor market made securing a qualified contractor more difficult than anticipated when the project timeline was originally established. Fortunately, Phase 1 (see map) of the park construction is now underway. Earth is being moved and grading is in progress. Afterward, installation of the foundation for concrete pathways and plazas is scheduled to take place until wet weather intervenes.  Phase 2 construction – and any work remaining to complete Phase 1 – is scheduled for the spring of 2020.

  • What’s the status of allowing tiny homes and ADUs in Wilsonville? Given the conversation on housing, this seems like a topic to explore.

    Caitlin asked 7 months ago

    The City of Wilsonville does allow Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), including tiny homes. Generally, the City’s land use rules allow one ADU for each single-family home; the maximum size allowed is 600-800 square feet, depending on the neighborhood.

    Like any home, an ADU must adhere to land use and building code.  Land use rules, which can vary widely from city to city, identify which lots meet ADU requirements and include additional parameters, including distance from property lines, parking requirements, etc.  Building code, established primarily at the state level, includes fire and life safety items like fire exit routes and standards for electric wiring and plumbing.

    At the state and federal levels, there is a lot of discussion about the establishment of appropriate building codes and inspection processes for ADUs. These units can come in many varieties (recreational vehicles/travel trailers, modular structures/manufactured homes, small site-built homes) and inspection requirements often vary among state and local agencies based on how they’re classified.

    If you’re considering adding an ADU, and have questions, contact the Planning Division at 503-682-4960 or

  • What is happening at the dog park in Memorial Park?

    David M Adams asked 7 months ago

    Quite a bit, David! You may be asking about the large mound of dirt, which is going to be used to create a bike “pump track” next summer at the current dog park site. The pump track supports the Memorial Park Master Plan, which calls for development of active amenities in that portion of the park.

    The dog park is being relocated further north, near the new community garden. The new site includes restrooms, paved parking, a dog washing station and fenced runs for small and large dogs. Work is already underway to place the fencing. The project is expected to be complete, and the park relocated, in the spring of 2020.

  • Why do we have only one grocery store in a town this size

    Sandra V asked 7 months ago

    In 2017, Safeway acquired the Lamb’s Thriftway store at Wilsonville Town Center. Safeway’s parent company, Albertsons Companies, Inc., opted at that time to close the Albertsons in Old Town, leaving Wilsonville with just one traditional “grocery-only” store … but it’s hardly the only place in town to buy groceries.  Residents can find a complete grocery store within the Fred Meyer in Old Town; on the north end of town, groceries are available at Target and Costco, both located at Argyle Square.  The now-vacant Albertsons store, at 30299 SW Boones Ferry Rd., remains under lease to Albertsons Companies, Inc., thru 2028.

  • With children out of school and more people working from home, the need for adequate Broadband services to homes has become a necessity. However, many homes do not have adequate Broadband in their homes to support the additional use the COVID-19 virus has caused. Is Wilsonville looking at the Broadband needs of our communities for now and the future? If so, how do I get involved to help support this need?

    aaronwoo1 asked 4 days ago

    Thanks for the question, Aaron.  We've identified a few resources that may be help in-need families get broadband access.  

    The FCC's Keep Americans Connected pledge is to keep Americans connected to internet service during the pandemic.  Participating companies -- including Comcast and Frontier --  are waiving late fees, postponing disconnects and creating Wi-Fi hotspots for free Internet usage. 

    For residents seeking new residential service, the Internet Essentials service, from Comcast, provides low cost service to eligible households.  New customers may receive two months of free service in response to the Coronavirus emergency.

    Additionally, Oregon Lifeline reduces the monthly cost of phone or broadband service for qualifying low-income Oregon households. Those who qualify are eligible to receive free or reduced-rate services.

  • What EMS Ambulance Service is available in Wilsonville and the surrounding area?

    Rocky asked 21 days ago

    Hi Rocky, I'm told that American Medical Response (AMR) provides emergency medical services in Wilsonville. Additionallly, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue operates a medical unit.