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Planning for the future growth in Wilsonville

by mike walsh, 6 months ago

My wife and I raised our 2 children in Wilsonville when there was only 1 traffic light and the name Lowrie was associated with the only grocery store and not a school. That was in the 1980's and early 1990's. It was the country with wide open spaces and driving from one end of Wilsonville to the other took less than a minute. We now live in Charbonneau which so far the river has blocked development in our immediate area.

I can understand why people were moving to Wilsonville over the last 20 years. It is obvious to anyone who has lived in Wilsonville over the last 5 years that things have changed- not all bad- but planning for the future growth like Frog Pond West and East developments has to be taken seriously and immediately.

The necessary infrastructure and proper planning by Wilsonville officials to fix things before they become a problem doesn't seem to be happening in all areas. City Council was forward thinking in developing the water treatment system to handle growth. What happened everywhere else?

Example is the need for new southbound lane over the Boones Bridge. It's great that a little funding from the State for planning has been just provided but doing anything to resolve the congestion to get on to I-5 South is years away. Why wasn't City Government taking action 3-5 years ago? The quick fix-its like metered 3 lane entrances to south I-5 has helped but in no way solved the problem

When over a thousand new houses will be built around Frog Pond and there are only two entrances- Wilsonville Rd and Eligison- to get on to I-5. It will be grid lock much worse than now. The only visible infra structure efforts I can see are the new school and a stop light at Boeckman and Stafford Rds.

Wilsonville has the land to build. Developers will come in and build houses/condos, and more people will move into them. However without immediate planning and the appropriate budget for construction of roads, parks, schools, mass transit, etc- (which the Developers should be contributing more to the costs than they are now) Wilsonville will be just like Beaverton, Tigard and Tualatin.

Plan for the Future- NOW

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Admin Commented Team member commented Kim Rybold
Senior Planner
5 months ago
Mike - thank you for sharing your thoughts on housing need and infrastructure in Wilsonville.