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Wilsonville WAS a great place

by GW01, 6 months ago

We bought our home in Wilsonville in 1999 because it was more affordable than everywhere else in the metro area, and it was quieter w/less traffic. And it was almost like being out in the country; on the other side of our cul-de-sac were farms and forest.

Most of the things that brought us to Wilsonville are long gone, replaced by "McMansions" on tiny lots (Villebois), Tigard-like congestion on the roads during certain times of the day, and a city council that thinks it has to pursue growth, often for it's own sake.

Wilsonville is still better than many cities on the west side (e.g. Tigard, Beaverton and Hillsboro). But it has lost much of what made it special to us ~20 years ago.

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